This website has been created by BaseWatch, a small community organisation that formed in response to the 2011 announcement that a permanent rotational presence of USA marines would be co-located at Robertson Barracks in Darwin.

We formed from a range of community perspectives, including: anti-war activists, sexual assault service providers; other community sector interests; faith-based organisations and individuals; current and ex- servicemen; and residents’ action groups that have previously addressed impacts of activities at RAAF Base Darwin.

From this broad base, BaseWatch encompasses different perspectives and priorities on the issues this significant change presents. Rather than prosecuting a firm agenda, the group aims to be a focal point for community participation in decision making around what is a very significant change to our town. We’ve held a few public meetings, engaged fully in relevant government processes, and attempted to engage decision makers with our priority concerns.

BaseWatch recognise this Citizens’ Initiated Assessment as core business.

With this discussion paper as a starting point, we now seek to explore a wider range of community responses to the growing foreign military presence. We are actively engaging with those other community sector organisations that were already a part of the previous assessments – and a few more we feel should have been. We’re conducting stalls and meetings to engage individuals around Darwin. And we’re providing a range of opportunities for community members to contribute to a collective evaluation of anticipated risks and impacts.