Citizens Initiated Assessment

This 2015 Citizens Initiated Assessment seeks to address the unfilled commitment for revisiting impact assessment of the growing foreign military presence in and around Darwin.

Previous assessments conducted by Noetic in 2012, then Deloitte in 2013, were strictly limited to considering social impacts of the following year’s anticipated intermediate tranche of USA Marines.

As such, each process deliberately relegated assessment of the full complement of the 2500 member Air Ground Task Force, which the public were told would be addressed by subsequent assessments. Neither of these preliminary assessments considered further elements of the growing foreign military presence, which have since become impossible to ignore.

During the course of the 2013 assessment process, the public were assured there would be a further assessment of the full complement of 2500 Marines before a decision was made to support those numbers.

However, in late 2014, without any further engagement, the joint Force Posture Agreement was signed, locking in those numbers for 25 years. With the full quota of USA Marines now committed, and a number of significant new dimensions to the growing presence now evident, it would appear that the previous commitment for a more comprehensive government-led assessment has been abandoned.

It now seems both appropriate and necessary for a citizens’ initiated process to fill that gap.

This process is being led by local community organisation BaseWatch.